Fight Winter Blues with New Hues

Winter is the perfect time to undertake an indoor home renovation project, and a fresh coat of paint is one of the most transformative changes to a space. Beeson Construction specializes in interior painting, offering experience and expertise to breathe new life into any living space this winter. Keep reading to learn more about turning that winter frown upside down by giving your walls a new look.

Transform an interior space with a new coat of paint provided by Beeson Construction.

Ideal Conditions for Interior Paint Services

Home renovation projects are often associated with the warmer months during spring and fall, but winter is a perfect season to rejuvenate a space with a new color scheme. Interior painting in the winter months comes with specific benefits that help achieve the best possible paint application:

  • Reduced humidity means the paint will dry more rapidly than in warmer months. 
  • Cooler temperatures translate to a reduced risk of blisters within the paint. 

High-Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Results

Materials significantly impact the overall results of any paint project. Therefore, Beeson Construction relies on Sherwin Williams Emerald® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint to ensure every project is completed to perfection. It provides thorough coverage, a beautiful finish, and protection to resist stains.

Detailed Planning and Execution

Home renovation projects can be disruptive. Beeson Construction understands that your home is a refuge and makes every effort to reduce the inconvenience to your space, schedule, and lifestyle during an interior paint project. Our team employs skillful planning and interior preparation, including minor drywall repair and swift paint application, all while maintaining a tidy worksite. 

Expertise and Experience of Beeson Construction

Beeson Construction boasts over two decades of industry experience. During that time, our team members have honed their skills and established a reputation for excellence. Trust our highly trained team of professionals to ensure your interior painting project is managed in a timely fashion with attention to detail and precision execution. 

Choosing Beeson Construction means investing in long-lasting quality that will enhance any home’s appeal for years to come. Does your home’s exterior need some TLC? We provide roof repairs, roof replacements, window replacements, and more! Call us at (317) 754-0677 to schedule a free estimate