Window Cleaning & Maintenance

Whether you’ve just had a window replacement installation or your windows are several years old, taking the time to clean them will help you meet their expected life span. On this page, Beeson Construction, Inc. will provide tips on maintaining your windows to optimize their performance.

Window Maintenance Tips

  1. Clean the window tracks. Window tracks can easily become clogged with dust, dirt, bugs, and other debris. Clean them with a brush and vacuum attachment to make sure they can easily slide. If dirt remains, use soap and water to remove the stubborn debris.
  2. Lubricate window tracks if needed. If after cleaning, the windows still won’t properly slide, lubricate them with an oil-free product. Never use an oil-based product. It attracts more dirt and clogs up the window tracks.
  3. Examine caulking around the windows. Caulking keeps out moisture and drafts. If any caulking is missing, it needs to be replaced.
  4. Clean the glass panes. Keep your windows sparkling clean to allow for the best view and for curb appeal.
  5. Check the window fit. Homes change over time. Age, weather, and settling may affect the fit of your windows. If necessary, have a professional check it for repairs or replacement.
  6. Pay attention to wood windows. Wood is not as low maintenance as fiberglass or vinyl windows. Check the condition of the wood for corrosion, peeling, and cracking.

Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the interior and exterior of your windows to get the best results and to avoid damaging the windows.

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