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If the soffit and fascia on your home look grimy due to dirt, mold, or moss buildup, it’s time to act. The experts of Beeson Construction, Inc. are ready to assist with our soffit and fascia cleaning service. Request a free estimate now or contact us at (317) 754-0677.

Which Homes Are Subject to Mildew Buildup?

It all depends on where your home is located. Any home can develop these problems, especially with age. But two factors make your home susceptible to developing algae-type problems.

  1. North-facing sides of homes will develop mildew more quickly.
  2. Homes located in a wooded area or that are shaded due to overhanging trees.

So, a lack of direct sunlight is a contributing factor to this issue. No need to worry. If you have a mold, moss, or algae buildup, we have the answer—and most likely you don’t need new siding. You just need to have it professionally cleaned.

Soffit & Fascia Vent Cleaning Service

While many will try to power-wash the problem away, there is a drawback. A power washer will clean only the surface. It will not kill the spores residing deeper in the siding, which usually quickly resurface and start the whole process again. We kill the spores too.

  1. First, we protect your vegetation by saturating the ground with water.
  2. We then spray a 10% industrial solution of sodium hypochlorite on the soffit and fascia.
  3. We let the solution sit on the surface for a few minutes to do its work.
  4. Next, we rinse off the siding along with the dirt, mold, mildew—and any spores.
  5. Finally, we clean up the area.
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Left to their own devices, dirt, mold, and mildew on your siding and fascia will quickly multiply and eventually penetrate your siding to the interior of your home. Prevent severe damage with our soffit and fascia cleaning service every five to 10 years. Contact our team at (317) 754-0677 or request a free estimate now in Indianapolis. We work in Beech Grove, Greenwood, Wanamaker, Southport, Homecroft, IN, and the surrounding areas.

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