Nonprofit ReConstruct3 to Change Communities from Within

Beeson Construction owner Phil Beeson grew up on the Southside of Indianapolis with a passion to help others develop the skills they need to support themselves and their communities.

As the seventh of 15 children, Beeson chose a career in construction, which he started at Roncalli High School. He completed two years of training at the Greenwood Central Nine Career Center in the building trades program. At 16 he also started working as a roofing laborer for a local roofing company.

Life Takes a Turn

The Friday Greenwood Hailstorms of 1996, which included seven tornadoes and accompanying severe damage, was a pivotal moment for him. The importance of working as a team learned in his childhood was reinforced as he supported a community and its families in recovery and rebuilding efforts.

In 2001 Beeson started his own company and remains a leader both locally and nationally, leading his team through several disasters, including Hurricane Katrina.

Along the way, Beeson became aware of the triple threat that rising crime, homelessness, and the housing crisis play in devastating communities, particularly lower-income neighborhoods.

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Searching for a Solution

As he studied the problem, Beeson came up with an idea to work from within the community rather than from without. He established a nonprofit called ReConstruct3 and is in the beginning stages of planning. He hopes to build into communities in the following way:

  1. The first step is to establish a construction tent on a plot of land in a community.
  2. The tent will be used as a training facility and a year-round traveling job site.
  3. Community leaders will help Beeson identify and hire local people for a paid 12-24 month construction (home building) training program.
  4. Once the first home is finished, they will repeat the process, moving the tent to the next lot until an affordable, nice neighborhood has been built by the ones living in it.
  5. At the end of the training period, the employees will be ready for employment or to start their own businesses.

Want to Help?

Beeson’s dream is to see this repeated throughout other communities. He’s looking for others to come alongside to support in many ways including financially.

To learn more or contribute to supporting the nonprofit, see ReConstruct3.

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