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A healthy home and living environment starts with proper ventilation. Good air in and bad air out is our mantra. Windows fogging up in the house is one clue that you have a problem. A lack of ventilation can lead to issues like mold in the home, which can damage both home and health. Beeson Construction, Inc. is providing this informative page to help you understand this important concept.

Your Home’s Public Enemies #1 and #2

Public enemy #1 is moisture.

  • Too much moisture in a home causes mildew, mold, rotting, paint blisters, and ineffective insulation.
  • Attics, crawl spaces, and basements are prime sources of excess moisture.
  • Mold spores need a food source — heat and moisture — to begin colonizing.
  • Usually, improper intake is the culprit in moisture-related problems in attics.

    Public enemy #2 is heat.

  • Too much heat can cause damage to shingles and roof sheathing.
  • The heat may radiate into living areas.
  • Keep in mind that unventilated attics can reach 140 to 150 degrees F.
  • No exhaust vents or not enough are the cause of this problem in the attic.

    The Result

    The combination of heat and moisture can result in a sick attic with toxic black mold and mildew. In addition to health concerns, this duo causes home concerns. We often see homes in need of an early roof replacement because of damage from improper ventilation. Remember, if you smell or find a mold colony in the attic, it’s best to let a professional handle it.

    mold in home

    The Key Is Ventilation

    A properly ventilated home can stop these public enemies in their tracks. It’s not normal to have foggy windows inside the house. The process of allowing a continuous supply of air through the attic space creates an environment where condensation is not likely to occur. The main goal is to bring in good air while letting out bad air. Fresh air comes in through intake vents. Bad air is released through exhaust vents in the attic.

    Proper Ventilation Tips

    Perfect balance of 50% intake/ 50% exhaust

    Exhaust should be three feet higher than the intake system

    Intake should be under the eave

    Exhaust should be close to the peak

    Create a Healthy Home

    The last thing you want is mold in your home. Make sure your house is properly ventilated to help create and maintain a healthy environment for you and your family. If your home has sustained damage due to improper ventilation, we can help with roofing, siding, and window replacement as well as repairs and cleaning services. Request a free estimate now or contact us at (317) 754-0677. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas including Beech Grove, Greenwood, Wanamaker, Southport, and Homecroft, IN.

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