Common Chimney-Roof Issues

At Beeson Construction, Inc., we provide helpful information to save homeowners time and money. One misconception we deal with frequently is that leaks in the ceiling are always related to the roof. Most people don’t realize the chimney may be the source of the problem. We are providing this informative page to help you determine if you need to call a masonry repair service or a roofing expert, like ourselves.

Common Chimney Problems

Check for these common chimney problems when you’re trying to determine the source of a leak.

  • Chimney cap issues. A chimney cap is a protective cover installed on top of the chimney to prevent water, birds, debris, and rodents from entering. If the cap is damaged or missing, leaking can occur. Call a mason for a chimney inspection, repair, or new chimney cap installation.
  • Cracked or deteriorating chimney crown. Check the chimney crown, the mostly flat area just beneath the chimney cap, to see if it is cracked or compromised in any way. If it is, water will enter the chimney system and damage the structure or interior components. Call a mason.
  • Loose or damaged mortar joints. Over time the integrity of the mortar in the chimney can become compromised and crumble or loosen due to age and/or exposure to the elements. This can result in leaking and weaken the overall structure. Call a mason.
  • Chimney leaning or settling. Chimneys may lean or settle due to improper construction, foundation problems, or soil movement, resulting in leaking. Call a mason.
  • Damaged or missing flashing. Chimney flashing creates a watertight seal between the roof and the chimney. If your flashing is corroded or damaged, this can result in leaks around the chimney. Call the roofer if the roof is still under warranty. A mason may also be able to fix it.

Waterproofing the Chimney for Extra Protection

Because masonry deteriorates over time, having a chimney waterproofed will help for many reasons. Call a mason if you don’t want to scale the heights to attempt this yourself.

  1. It extends the life of the chimney.
  2. It adds an extra layer of protection against leaking.
  3. It minimizes the amount of moisture inside the chimney, cutting down on the likelihood of mold and mildew growing in the chimney.
  4. It helps maintain the structural integrity of the chimney.
  5. It protects interior components like walls, ceilings, and insulation from moisture damage.
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Beeson Is Here To Help

Before calling a roofer to fix a leak, first check to make sure the problem is not actually from a faulty chimney. We’ve received many calls for roofing repairs when the problem has actually been the chimney. If your roof is compromised, we’re here to help. Request a free estimate now or contact us at (317) 754-0677. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas including Beech Grove, Greenwood, Wanamaker, Southport, and Homecroft, IN.

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