Who We Are

Growing up in a home of 15 children, Phil Beeson, owner of Beeson Construction, learned the value of teamwork. As an energetic child who didn’t like school, Beeson found his niche in the world while attending the building trades class at Central Nine Career Center in Greenwood.

It nurtured in him a love and respect for home construction and planted the seeds of how he could use these skills to benefit others later in life.

Early Career

Early in his career, Beeson worked for other construction companies starting at the bottom as a laborer and working his way up. Along the way, he learned the importance of carefully managing the logistics and job site from experiencing the opposite.

He was often frustrated by wasted hours of sitting around waiting for materials. Getting paid was also another challenge due to management disorganization. The idea took root in him that he could do this better. And he did.

Beeson Construction Opens Its Doors

In 2001 Beeson opened Beeson Construction, Inc. He readily acknowledges the benefits and challenges of owning his own business. He loves the quality family time and the responses from happy customers. He’s also been able to lead construction crews in recovery efforts after local and national disasters, including the Friday Greenwood Hailstorms of 1996 and Hurricane Katrina, among many others.

And he admits to learning how to survive long winters with little work. It has helped him hone his work skills.

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Looking for Change

With his decades of experience, Beeson has a desire to change an industry that has no oversight at the city, county, or state levels. He believes oversight at the state level is needed to make sure contractors have the experience and knowledge to start a home improvement business in the first place. Otherwise, untrained construction contractors/owners, who haven’t worked their way up in the field, end up being subverted by subcontractors who may take shortcuts they shouldn’t. Work quality suffers.

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Along the journey, Beeson developed a passion to help lower-income communities struggling with a housing crisis, rising crime, and homelessness. His idea is to work from within the community rather than from without. On April 8, 2021, he started a nonprofit called ReConstruct3 and is in the beginning stages of planning. He hopes to build into these communities in the following way:

  1. The first step is to establish a construction tent on a plot of land in a community.
  2. The tent will be used as a training facility and year-round traveling job site.
  3. Community leaders and Beeson will identify and hire local people for a paid 12-24 month construction (home building) training program.
  4. Once the first home is finished, they will repeat the process, moving the tent to the next lot until an affordable, nice neighborhood has been built by the ones living in it.
  5. At the end of the training period, the employees will be ready for employment or to start their own businesses.

For more information or to contribute to supporting the nonprofit, see ReConstruct3.

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